Monday, October 21, 2013

A June & J Beat - Jazz Nature Vol​.​1

Track Listing
01. Jazz Nature (Intro)
02. Swan Lovers (feat. Z-O)
03. Sound Waves (feat. DJ Hazey 82)
04. Jazzy Romantic (Bridge)
05. Never Give Up (feat. Substantial)
06. Swan Lovers (feat. Z-O) Instrumental
07. Sound Waves (feat. DJ Hazey 82) Instrumental
08. Never Give Up (feat. Substantial) Instrumental

New EP from producers A June & J Beat - "Jazz Nature Vol.1"
  They handle all the beats, with guest spots from Z-O, DJ Hazey 82 and Substantial.  Check it out and support the jazz hop scene by sharing and spreading the word.  

A June & J Beat - Sound Waves (feat. DJ Hazey 82)


Verse 1

WonderFlow reppin and Hazey be the name
always do it for the love never see me chasing fame
hate the game make me aim I got an arsenal of rhyme styles
designed to warp your mind change the particles inside while
I represent it properly, never been a novelty
true art is self expression and it's no one else's property
but everyone enjoys it so it makes the world better,
a price you can't measure bringing like minds together
never fresher, effort goes a long way
working with a purpose til all my hair has gone grey
I draw prey into my trap with a decoy
to destroy fakes watch em break like a b-boy
I deploy, thoughts in the form of rhyme
to get into your mind make ya think spark a storm inside
reminiscing back gives me strength to endure the climb
so I conversate with myself from a former time


Verse 2

this is the life that I live and I take it in stride
hardly cocky but I'm far from vacant of pride
know a poor man's ideas could be changing the times
others waist high in money high and wasting their lives
show patience of mind, cool and collected
only fools disrespect it, they get schooled on some lessons,
the microphone is like a home, a tool, it's a weapon
but it's peace that I seek speak the truth in it's essence
it's my message, no matter who hears it
whether one or a million, myself, it's my spirit
in the lyrics if you listen then I'm living in the sound waves
sixteen bars not ounces like a pound weighs
you found Haze, with A June and J Beat
we infused with music and we use it every day, week,
month, year, chumps fear, enough with making bucks here's
some pure hip hop run it back if you unclear


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