Monday, April 25, 2016

DJ Hazey 82 - PeteStrumentals 2 Mash Up Mix

Track List

01. Epidemic - The Canvas (over Pete Rock - Heaven & Earth)
02. J-Live - Longevity (over Pete Rock - PR 4 Prez)
03. AZ - City Of Gods (over Pete Rock - Cosmic Slop)
04. R.A. the Rugged Man - Peoples Champ (over Pete Rock - On & On)
05. Guru - Lifesaver (over Pete Rock - Beat Goes On)
06. Nas - Rewind (over Pete Rock - My My Baby)
07. Edo G & Masta Ace - Wishin (over Pete Rock - I Wish)
08. Paranom - The Myst [feat. Al Divino] (over Pete Rock - Air Smoove)
09. Apathy - True Love [feat. Phonte] (over Pete Rock - Gonna Love You)
10. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Big L & AG - All Love (over Pete Rock - 90's Class Act)
11. Large Pro - Pump Ya Fist Like This (over Pete Rock - Accelerate)
12. Asheru & Blue Black - Truly Unique (over Pete Rock - Make Me Feel Like)
13. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (over Pete Rock - Dilla Bounce [R.I.P.]
14. Celph Titled - Hardcore Data (over Pete Rock - Play Yo Horn)
15. Mood - Snakes And Vultures (over Pete Rock - Bbjones)

All vocals written and performed by credited artists
All beats produced by Pete Rock, from his 2015 album "PeteStrumentals 2"
Mash ups mixed by DJ Hazey 82

This is a free mix, so please share it with everyone and spread the love! 
All of these artists are featured here out of respect and appreciation for their talents.
Please support them by purchasing their music, clothing, concert tickets, etc.
Thanks for listening!  Peace


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