Saturday, February 4, 2012


Track Listing
01.  Felt - Protoganists (over large pro - amaman)
02.  Felt - Felt Chewed Up (over Coldplay - White Shadows)
03.  Felt - Bass For Your Truck (Afu Ra - Pusha)
04.  Felt - Like You (over Cunninlynguists - Mexico)
05.  Felt - Permanent Standby (over Mike Heron - Joey & Ann)
06.  Felt - Kevin Spacey (over Fat Jon - Point A 2 B)
07.  Felt - Ghost Dance Deluxe (over A Tribe Called Quest - Find a Way)
08.  Felt - Revisting the Styleetron (over The Returners - Whats missin)
09.  Felt - Whaleface (over Mass Influence - Under Pressure)
10.  Felt - Glory Burning (over Ruthless Bastards - Ruthless Bastards)
11.  Felt - Henrietta Longbottom (over Exile - Time Has Come)
12.  Felt - She Sonnet (over Nas - Just a Moment)
13.  Felt - Felt Good (over Misuccc - Cant Help This Feeling)
14.  Felt - Deathmurdermayhem (over Cunninlynguists - Tear Trax)
15.  Felt - The Prize (over 7L & Esoteric - Protocol Remix)
16.  Felt - G I Josephine (over DJ Jazzy Jeff - My Peoples)
17.  Felt - We Have You Surrounded (over Kool G Rap - On The Run Remix untouchable)
18.  Felt - Give it Up (over Outkast - git up git down)
19.  Felt - Paul Reubens (over Scribbling Idiots - Residual)

When I got my copy of Felt 3, I got the acapellas too.  I thought it would be fun to do a mash up mix of the album before I listened to it.  I just played the acapellas and tried to pick a beat I thought would be a good match.  I planned on only using each producer once, but Kno snuck on there twice!  So this is my mash up version.  It was crazy to play the album after I was done and hear what it really sounded like.  Hope you like my experiment.  
Check the previews below:
 Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

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