Sunday, December 9, 2012

DJ Hazey 82: Featuring Tunji Mix - Volume 2

Track Listing

01. Iration feat. Tunji - You Don't Know
02. Inverse - Sunnycalifornia
03. TiRon feat. Tunji - Just Because
04. Inverse - One Step
05. Keelay & Zaire feat. Tunji - Addicts For Real
06. Inverse feat. A-Dub & Nieve - Constellation
07. Inverse - Rise and Shine
08. SoulChef feat. Noah King, Nieve, A-Dub & Tunji - Never Been in Love Like This
09. Cook feat. Tunji - Underneath The Stars
10. Inverse - Goodnight Goodnight
11. Lix Pro feat. Tunji - Here We Go
12. Nieve & Cook feat. Tunji - Diamonds In The Rough
13. SoulChef feat. Nieve, Noah King, A-Dub & Tunji - Say Somethin'
14. Coolroy feat. Tunji - Dreaming
15. Akrish feat. Chev & Tunji - Wake Up
16. Cosmo feat. Tunji & Jaylene Clark - Rugrats
17. Inverse - So Far
18. Bop Alloy feat. Steph, Tunji, Edgar Allen Floe & Niles - Lead The Followers
19. Incise feat. Tunji - True Greatness
20. Nieve feat. Tunji - California
21. El Prez feat. Diz Gibran & Tunji - 2 Live/Die in LA
22. El Prez, DJ Printz, Eazee St, ImKing & Tunji - Mass Appeal 09' Remix
23. El Prez & Dale Danja feat. Tunji - Them Nights
24. Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey feat. Tunji - I Wonder
25. Inherit feat. Tunji - Going Places
26. Inverse - Beautiful City
27. Inverse feat. Substantial - Spark My Soul


Tunji is one of my favorite emcees.  This mix is just to showcase his abilities, so some songs are shortened to just his verse.  If you like a song and it is new to you, I encourage you to google it.  You can easily find it and more.  Almost all of these songs are available for free from the artists or labels, but please support them.  Buy a concert ticket, T-shirt, or whatever you can.  If you are out of money, then just hit up the artists and tell them you were feeling their music.  They appreciate it and it goes a long way.  I don't mean to cause any copyright troubles here, just trying to help spread true music!  Peace

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