Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DJ Hazey 82: Featuring Tunji Mix - Volume 1

Track Listing

01. Convinced & Tunji - Goodbye Never (prod. by Dahi)
02. TiRon feat. Tunji and Ayomari - Quitter (prod. by Dahi)
03. Inverse - All My Tomorrows
04. Ayomari feat. TiRon & Tunji - Just A Dreamer
05. CunninLynguists feat. Tunji & BJ The Chicago Kid - Dream
06. MUDluscious feat. Tunji - Throat Pain
07. Kno feat. Tunji - Not At The End
08. Don Cerino feat. Tunji & NapzNdredz - Confessional Booth (prod. by Incise)
09. Tunji - Still Risin (prod. by Kno)
10. Convinced feat. Dale Danja & Tunji - We Keep it Jumpin (prod. by L.A.U.S.D.)
11. Outasight feat. Tunji - Lights, Camera, Action Remix (prod. by Dante Lewis)
12. Grynch feat. Tunji - All Right
13. J Lately feat. Tunji - Give It A Try (prod. by Lofi)
14. Inverse feat. Noah King - Everything is Beautiful
15. Incise feat. Tunji - Rising (Redux)
16. Grynch feat. Tunji & Geologic - Smoke and Mirrors
17. The Sleepwalkers feat. Tunji, Murs & Noah King - One
18. Acro Jazz Laboratories feat. Nieve, Tunji & Noah King - Back With Another One
19. Inverse - I Believe (Crispy Remix)
20. Robert de Boron feat. Tunji - Home
21. Deux Process feat. Tunji - Ballad of Lost Angels (remix)
22. Gotham Green & Quickie Mart feat. Buff1 & Tunji - Triple Threat
23. E Reece feat. Tunji - Don't Front
24. SoulChef feat. Tunji - When I Close My Eyes
25. Inverse feat. Noah King - HipHopSoul
26. Kno feat. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji - Rhythm Of The Rain
27. Nas & Damien Marley feat. Tunji - Road To Zion
28. Tunji feat. Deacon The Villain - Towards The Future

Tunji is one of my favorite emcees.  This mix is just to showcase his abilities, so some songs are shortened to just his verse.  If you like a song or it is new to you, I encourage you to google it.  You can easily find it and more.  Almost all of these songs are available for free from the artists or labels, but please support them.  Buy a concert ticket, T-shirt, or whatever you can.  If you are out of money, then just hit up the artists and tell them you were feeling their music.  They appreciate it and it goes a long way.  There will be a volume 2 as well.  I don't mean to cause any copyright troubles here, just trying to help spread true music!  Peace

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