Thursday, August 1, 2013

DJ Hazey 82 - The Making of a Mash Up

DJ Hazey 82 - The Making of a Mash Up

I've had a few people ask me what I use to make mash ups, so I decided to make this short demonstration/tutorial video on how I've been mixing them lately.  This technique also works well if you are a producer making remixes.  The programs I'm using are free to download too, so I recommend checking them out if you don't already have programs that you use.  Mash ups are fun to make and can give a song a whole different feel.  The important part is to keep everything on beat and follow the structures of the songs so they both fit well together.  You want it to be smooth and pleasant to the ear.  Most hip hop songs are structured for 16 bar verses and 8 bar hooks, but sometimes they can be different.  You'll see in the video I had to adjust the Outkast beat to fit, Akrobatik has a longer verse too.  So, check out the video, if you are interested.  If not, you can just download the mash up at the link below.  (or skip to 17:07 to stream the finished mash up.)  Please leave feedback or questions in the comments section.  Sorry for my bad video editing. the sound gets better after the intro.  Peace! 


The mash up is:

DJ JS-1, Akrobatik, Punchline & iCON the Mic King - "Doin' This" acapella
Outkast - "ATLiens" instrumental

This mash up is included on DJ Hazey 82 - "In The Clouds", a jazzy hip hop mash up mix, free to stream or download.  Available here:

Download Just This Mash Up Free Here


The program I'm using for mixing is called "Reaper".  You can download it free here:

I'm also using "MixMeister BPM Analyzer" to calculate my beats per minute.  This program is almost always accurate and is free to download as well.  Get it here:

*Always bpm the original song or instrumental, not the acapella. 


Get more mash ups and mixes from me, all free to stream or download, at the links below:

Here is a youtube playlist of over 5 hours of original mash ups:

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