Monday, July 15, 2013

DJ Hazey 82 - Masta Ace VS DJ Premier

Track Listing

01. Masta Ace - Freestyle (over Gang Starr - Work)
02. Edo G & Masta Ace - Wishin (over Group Home - Suspended In Time)
03. Masta Ace - Beautiful (over Gang Starr - In This Life)
04. Wordsworth feat. Justin Time & Masta Ace - Evol (over Gang Starr - Peace of Mine)
05. Masta Ace & Guru - Conflict (over Screwball - Seen It All)
06. M Dot feat. Masta Ace - You Don't Know About It (over Rawcotiks - Hardcore Hip Hop)
07. Masta Ace - Known To Be The Master (over Gang Starr - You Know My Steez)
08. Large Pro, Pete Rock & Masta Ace - OutDaBox (over Lox - Recognize)
09. Masta Ace - The INC Ride (over Kool G Rap - My Life)
10. Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn (over Gang Starr - Full Clip)
11. Masta Ace - Saturday Night Live (over Ras Kass - Golden Chyld)
12. DJ JS-1 feat. EMC  - I Knew A Girl (over CNN - Invincible)
13. Masta Ace - Ain't U Da Masta (over Gang Starr - Deadly Habits)
14. Masta Ace - Jeep Ass Nigah (over Blaq Poet - Rap Addiction)
15. Masta Ace - Top Ten List (over Biggie - Ten Crack Commandments)
16. Edo G, Masta Ace & Common - Claimin Respect (over MOP - Half & Half)
17. Masta Ace - The B Side (over Blaq Poet - Aint Nuttin Changed)
18. Masta Ace - Slaughta House (over Apathy & Celph Titled - Stop What Ya Doin)
19. Masta Ace - Ya Hardcore (over Blaq Poet - U Phuccd Up)
20. [bonus track] Edo G & Masta Ace - Wishin (over OC - My World)
21. [bonus track] Masta Ace - Jeep Ass Nigah (over Gang Starr - The Militia)

Masta Ace acapellas mixed with DJ Premier beats
All vocals by Masta Ace and other credited artists
All production by DJ Premier
Mixed by DJ Hazey 82

This is a free mix, so please share it with everyone and spread the love! 
The artists are featured here out of respect and appreciation for their talents.
Please support them by purchasing their music, clothing, concert tickets, etc.
Thanks for listening!  Peace


  1. NOT all of them are Premier productions..

    Kool G Rap - My Life is prod. by V.I.C.
    Blaq Poet - U Phuccd Up is prod. by Easy Mo Bee

  2. Mediafire is down. Bandcamp is no longer free. Says 7$