Saturday, July 6, 2013

Numatik & Elyon Beats - "Ten Thousand To Flight" Remix Contest

Numatik & Elyon Beats are having a remix contest for their latest single "Ten Thousand To Flight".  You can remix it with your own beat, rhyme on Elyon's beat, sing or whatever you want.  Follow the link to Elyon's bandcamp page for more info on the contest, and get a copy of the digital single, including instrumental and acapella.

This is my official entry in the Numatik & Elyon Beats remix contest.  I decided to rhyme on the beat, and added some Numatik vocal samples from the original song, as well.  My two verses are kind of opposites, representing the two different feelings I often experience when dreaming. 
Numatik & Elyon Beats - Ten Thousand To Flight (Hazey82 Remix) 

I also did a mash up just for fun.  I mixed Numatik's acapella with heRajiKa tracks' instrumental song "Memories".  Check it out here.

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