Monday, August 11, 2014

DJ Hazey 82 - Awon & Phoniks: Golden Era Mash Ups

Track Listing

01. DJ Hazey82 Intro
02. Blinded by the Riches (over Xzibit - Paparazzi)
03. Get Yours (over Wu Tang - C.R.E.A.M.)
04. Forever Ill [feat. Dephlow & Tiff The Gift] (over Outkast - Jazzy Belle)
05. Move Back (over Ill Al Scratch - Chill With That [Easy Mo Bee Mix])
06. Correct Techniques (over Common - Resurrection)
07. Champagne Laced (over Pete Rock - Tell Me)
08. Rule of the Gun [feat. Dephlow] (over Krs-One - Mcs Act Like They Don't Know)
09. Above Water (over Guru - Count Your Blessings)

All vocals taken from the 2013 album "Return to the Golden Era" by Awon & Phoniks.

All vocals written and performed by Awon and credited featured artists.
All beats originally used by credited artists.
Mixed by DJ Hazey 82
Intro mix & cuts by DJ Hazey 82.  Contains samples of beats produced by Phoniks from the album "Return to the Golden Era".

Get Awon & Phoniks' 2013 album "Return to the Golden Era" here:

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