Monday, November 10, 2014

Hazey82 - The Painted Scroll


01. The Painted Scroll Intro
02. Levitate
03. Capture The Essence
04. Can't Sleep
05. (Mis)Fortune
06. Heart of an Artist
07. Mike's Brother
08. Shake Minds [feat. Keen & Dayz]
09. Know The Truth
10. Shinobi Tale
11. The Painted Scroll Outro

All songs written, produced, recorded & mixed by Hazey82, except:
"The Painted Scroll Outro" produced by Elyon
"Shake Minds" written by Hazey82, Keen & Dayz
Cuts & Scratches by Hazey82
Artwork by Hazey82

Hazey82 - "(Mis)Fortune" Video

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