Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DJ Hazey 82 - Substantial Mash Ups

Track Listing

01. Substantial - Enjoy Yourself (over Ta-Ku - #Dusty17)
02. Substantial - Good Company (over ILLusionist - I Go Crazy)
03. Substantial - Never Give Up (over Blazo - Cure)
04. Substantial - Recovery (Hold On) (over Joseph Jacobs - Mellow Moment)
05. Substantial - Chillaxation (over Nujabes - Rainyway Back Home)
06. Substantial - Q.T. (over Uyama Hiroto - Stratus)
07. Substantial - Boy With No Name (over Fat Jon - Maia)
08. Substantial - Day in the Life (over Incise - Interstellar)
09. Substantial - It's You [I Think] (over SoulChef - Tonight)
10. Substantial - When The Luster Fades (over Nujabes - Prayer)
11. Substantial - If I Was Your Mic 5.0 (over Thomas Prime - The Moon's Tide)
12. Substantial - If It Hadn't Been For You [feat. Jeff Bernat] (over Vanilla - AJFA)
13. Inverse - Spark My Soul [feat. Substantial] (over Thomas Prime - Live Life)
14. Substantial - Jazzmatic (over Haruka Nakamura - Faure  feat. Uyama Hiroto)
15. Nujabes, Substantial & Pase Rock - Blessing It Remix (over Various Nujabes Beats)
16. Substantial - Resurrection of the House Party (over Kero One - Just Groovin' Homes)

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