Tuesday, April 14, 2015

White Rain - Urbane Fragrance

01. Love Story In Winter
02. C'est La Vie (Feat. Landon Wordswell)
03. Afterimage
04. Mine No More (Feat. Nieve)
05. Morning Dew
06. Blowing In The Wind (Feat. Adikkal)
07. Cafe De Tokyo (Intermission)
08. Stay Back (Feat. Jolly V)
09. Love Intoxication (Feat. Ehwhenkeem)
10. Think About You (Feat. WonderFlow)
11. The Scenery Of Misty Rain
12. Dance To The Beat (Feat. Marchitect, Thurro)
13. The Let Go (Feat. Landon Wordswell)
14. Late
15. Night Mist


New album from producer White Rain - "Urbane Fragrance". Features some collaborations with dope emcees, as well as some instrumental tracks.  Check it out for some quality music.  Also includes the song "Think About You" featuring WonderFlow (Keen & Hazey82)

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